The Guide For The Female Expat Living In Singapore

Are you a female that is considering moving to Singapore, or are you currently a female expat living in Singapore? If so, you surely have questions such as:

What are the tenancy laws like in Singapore?
What documents will you need to provide in order to get a work permit?
What recommendations do other expats have for international attorneys practicing in Singapore?

Trying to search for this type of information can take hours or even days. Fortunately, this guide will provide women with some basic information they will need to know if they are planning to live an expat life in Singapore.

Hopefully, the information will make the relocation process much easier. From culture, to sports and entertainment, the guide will help you better navigate some aspects of life in Singapore.


Singapore’s comfortable lifestyle is drawing people from all over the world who want to experience the expat life in Singapore. The flourishing culture and the thriving economy are just of the reasons why there has been a recent influx of foreign talent, business and nomads.

The population is quickly approaching 6 million people, and that number alone is proof that people are flocking to this area. Currently almost 40% of the people who live in Singapore were born in another country. This means that a combined 40% of the workforce and student population is made up of foreigners. This also means that expats, male and female, are warmly welcomed, and have a positive experience when seeking housing and employment.

Learning About Singapore

The culture shock many expats experience when moving to Singapore is not as dramatic as when moving to another Asian country. However, it is essential that expats and potential expats understand some critical facts about this unique city-state.

It is considered a country that is not as corrupt as other countries around the world. Singapore has been able to remain politically stable ever since it gained its independence in 1965, and this is one of the biggest reasons why companies are flocking to the area. They want to take advantage of the political and financial stability Singapore offers.

Get To Know The Local Laws

Security and stability may cost at a price for those who are relocating to Singapore from areas of the world where more emphasis is placed on individual freedoms. The government in Singapore oversees almost every aspect of its citizens’ lives. The government believes this is the best way to provide a clean, safe, modern and efficient place for locals and expats to live.

Law and order is strictly enforced, and the judicial system is very unyielding. The death penalty and corporal punishment are on the books in this city-state.

Although these types of punishments are reserved for serious crimes like murder, foreigners and expats can also be subjected to steep fines and even jail time for crimes like jaywalking, spitting on the sidewalk, feeding birds and chewing gum.

It is important for females who want to relocate to Singapore thoroughly researched the area before booking a flight. Understand what is expected of you and know the culture so you can have an easier transition.